Display Lighting

Lighting is a key contributor to a store's image, it helps to lead a customer into the store, focuses their attention, encourages purchasing and make the products more attractive and visible.

If you want to highlight items in a shelf and display cases, specially designed LumiFocus LED Strips can be mounted close to the objects being displayed to provide bright and uniform lighting. They can also be shielded from the customer's view to eliminate glare. Their high colour rendering ability and wide selection of colour temperature provide optimum colour and contrast for each individual application.

Jewellery requires a great attention to be dedicated to the lighting plant definition and realization. LumiFocus LED Lights are a great choice to display jewelry. They are very small, so thay fit well with any display case design. They generate much less heat while providing a high lighting level. Their intense, pure white light adds sparkle and glimmer to the jewellery. And to top it up, their long life equals less disruption to the sales and therefore making you more money.

LumiFocus LED Lights are both safe and ideal for displaying food where the foods are in close proximity to light sources. Their rich, natural and vibrant color preserves the freshness, and it also highlites the appearance and integrity of food items. They generate much less heat and contain no UV and IR radiation that can damage or distort fresh food. This will prolong food's shelf life.

LumiFocus LED Accent Lights add depth, contrast and create a focal point for the merchandise to be displayed. They establish the importance of certain objects and focuses the shoppers attention.

The use of the correct colour temperature a ensures that the merchandise is always shown in the very best light.

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