Hospitality Lighting

Lighting plays an important role in personalizing guest experiences. LumiFocus LED lighting solution can make your place stand out, give your guests a memorable experience so they will come back and recommend it to other people.

LumiFocus LED products can add value in many different ways throughout your place. They can be integrated into existing surfaces and structures so you can light any desired atmosphere for your guests. Their good colour rendering is also essential for you to serve food, tempt guests and make everything look far more appetising.

Lighting is also one of the most impactful ways to cut costs. Today, 42% of energy usage of a typical hotel comes from lighting, of which 70% is inefficient. LumiFocus LED solution provides a tremendous potential to conserve energy. It will help you save costs and improve your bottom line without compromising on the quality of light.

Due to LumiFocus LED products' low heat output, the building needs less cooling, which adds up to your savings. They also eliminate the need for hazardous substances and because their much longer life, they create even more savings in terms of maintenance.

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As a dedicated, highly professional lighting company, we keep our focus on providing customers with high-end LED display lighting solutions.

In the past ten years, through continuous endeavours, we have completed lighting upgrades for more than 200 hotels and provided display lighting solutions for more than 150 top brand stores. We are a leader in this area.

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